The Silva Bass Method  - The Silva Bass Method is a principle based ​system. There are 3 main principles that are instructed. All enrolled students will be provided with an exercise hand book. This hand book is offered to enrolled students only. 

1.Stay on the 1. ( With out a beat you are dead )
 - ​You will learn how to count Musically. In many
​different time ​​signatures 
and percussive cadences. ​

2. ​Read , Write and Speak the language of Music. 
 - You will not only learn how to Read and Perform musically.   ​You will also learn how to write and compose Music as well. 

3. Posture and The three techniques. 
   - You will learn how to perform ​
economically as well as     
   ​ergonomically . This will save energy ​and prolong stage      
   ​performance. You will also learn Three staple techniques
   for the Bass Guitar .​ ( Plucking , Slapping, Tapping ) and 
   how to utilize said techniques  for stage performance.